Many Have Not Made Up Their Minds About Drone Delivery, USPS Says

The USPS’ recently released survey on drones found a significant percentage of consumers have not made up their minds whether they like it or not.

The USPS conducted the survey online, with 1465 Americans responding. They were asked a variety of questions about their expectations, hopes, and fears about the use of drones. 

75% of respondents said they expected drone delivery to be available by 2021, 9% though it would be live by 2026, and 16% expected drone delivery to come later or not at all.

Most like the idea of drone delivery: 44% like it, 34% do not like the idea, and 23% are unsure. There’s a 2.8% margin for error in the survey.

Respondents were split on whether they believed drone delivery would be safe, or whether they were unsure. In fact, fewer people were sure drone delivery would be safe (32%) than those who liked the idea of it (44% as mentioned before).

The top three presumed benefits of drone delivery were: 

1. One-hour delivery – Top Ranked
2. Delivery in cases of emergency
3. Delivery to hard to reach locations (mountains, islands, etc )

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