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Manna Beefs Up its eMarketing Tools

Manna Inc., a provider of online personalization software, released its FrontMind 2.0 product today. FrontMind 2.0 is designed to help marketers create and deploy highly targeted online initiatives.

Its new features include a learning and inference engine, an up-front simulation module and improved return-on-investment measurement capabilities.

Its dynamic inference capabilities understand a visitor’s needs and makes accurate recommendations based on their actions and inactions on a Web site — gauging whether they click on an offer and buy, click on an offer and don’t buy or completely ignore the offer.

FrontMind is designed to show the right person the right product, said Dan Ross, CEO of Manna, Wellesley, MA.

“It watches behavior as you are there on the site and offers a recommendation as a store manager would in the offline world. It sizes you up and says this person is looking for a color TV instead of a toaster oven.”

The simulation module allows a user to test a marketing campaign using real-world data in a staged environment giving the marketer an idea about how the campaign will perform before launching it, said Ross. “It’s pretesting. The simulation predicts the acceptance rate of an offer using our customer profile models. If you like the results, you can publish it to the site.”

To help marketers get a real-time read on how a campaign is performing as well as an overall picture of a Web site’s performance, the software offers enhanced return-on-investment reporting and analysis tools, said Ross. “ROI is hot; it’s not about eyeballs anymore. It’s about ‘how is this initiative doing?'”

FrontMind's Business Command Center allows users to make changes on-the-fly as they define, test and refine a program. The BCC gives marketers simplified control over marketing campaigns without having to get assistance from the IT department, said Ross. They can publish and delete initiatives from their desktops enabling them to adapt more quickly to the climate on the site and on the Web.

The software costs $250,000 for a license and $5,000 to $10,000 per month for usage and installation.

Manna's clients include Saleoutlet.com, GourmetMarket.com, GetOutdoors.com, and Harcourt General.

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