Managing mobile messages requires a more holistic view

In our current techno-centric world, it’s not just about getting the right marketing message to the right people. Marketers also must consider the right place and the right device, an increasingly difficult task given that people are moving more and more fluidly between e-mail, IM and text. Many marketers still have a fragmented view of customers, compounded by their use of multiple point solutions to manage multiple channels across multiple business units.

Tomorrow’s message management technology will move beyond a commodity-based product to a more holistic framework for handling messages for specific individual preferences and business rules. Organizations need to ensure that their messages are coherent and coordinated across platforms. To do so, marketers need to be aware of certain best practices for driving business value in a mobile world.

Build on existing infrastructure. From a cost perspective, marketers need to ensure a seamless way to build upon their existing assets and legacy systems to realize the tangible value of mobile.

Seek out and leverage multichannel technology. Conventional messaging infrastructure is almost invariably not up to the task of handling the new mobile formats. Find a mobile marketing technology that’s part of a single, integrated messaging solution. That solution should enable you to leverage existing data management infrastructure, as well as CRM and other customer-facing systems, and scale to meet the surging demand for mobile messages.

Recognize that you’re dealing with moving targets. For marketers, mobile messaging represents a valuable direct marketing tool that can aid in direct response marketing and database development. Wise marketers will use mobile technology with careful restraint, viewing it as an additional channel that can work in tandem with other traditional channels.

Our increasingly real-time culture demands immediate communication channels, and mobile applications are a great way to fulfill that need. As more companies turn to mobile messaging in order to keep pace with changing consumer behavior, marketers will need to stay one step ahead.

Dave Lewis is CMO of Message Systems. Reach him at [email protected]

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