Managing Data Across Borders

The landscape is shifting right under our feet. As countries pass aggressive new privacy laws, it becomes challenging to keep up. As these are laws they are not merely suggestions nor are they optional. Anyone doing business in Canada has to have a clear plan to act in a compliant manner with the local laws. So while compliance is yet another issue marketing has to deal with, it is real and the fines your company can face are just as real. For example the fines for violations under GDPR are up to 4% of your global revenues and comes into force May 25, 2018! This makes the $10,000,000 fines under CASL look small for some organizations! CASL is in full force today.


Join Derek A. Lackey, President of the Direct Marketing Association of Canada (DMAC) and Managing Partner of Newport Thomson as he guides you through the minefield of the new privacy laws, where it is today and where it seems to be heading. There are challenges regarding privacy, data and electronic communications that we must be aware of in order to manage. This webinar will help you begin to build your roadmap for compliance for conducting global business.


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