Mal Dunn to Acquire Metamorphics Media

Mal Dunn Associates Inc., Croton Falls, NY, will soon acquire and help operate gay and lesbian list firm Metamorphics Media LLC, New York, said Sean Strub, Metamorphics founder and chairman.

“It took me a while to find the right match because of the issues involved in terms of privacy and sensitivity to the gay community, which are critically important to me,” Strub said. “I did not sell to the highest bidder.”

While Metamorphics Media will continue to serve the gay and lesbian market and operate in Manhattan with its current employees, Mal Dunn will be able to generate greater revenue and offer more resources to its list owners, Strub said.

In turn, the deal also will give Mal Dunn a presence in Manhattan.

“The small list owners and list brokers don't even get considered on some of these huge mailing schedules,” he added. “[Mal Dunn] can just mainline a lot of our lists into places that would not consider testing them otherwise.”

In addition, Strub said that the cultures of both firms were a good fit. He noted that Mal Dunn is one of the few truly progressive list firms that offers domestic partnership benefits to employees, a practice that was very important in his decision to sell his company to Mal Dunn.

A spokesman for Mal Dunn Associates was unavailable to comment last week.

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