Make-A-Wish Foundation reaching out for Hispanic volunteers

The Make-A-Wish Foundation has tapped iNSPIRE agency to create collateral that will woo Spanish-speaking volunteers.

The win comes as part of a larger agreement between the Make-A-Wish Foundation and iNSPIRE’s parent agency Moroch Partners, which was signed this week to develop national public service announcements for the charity. INSPIRE will create Spanish-language Web content and print, radio and TV ads at a reduced price for the nonprofit.

“Make-A-Wish Foundation faces a challenge in that not many people know what they do, even though they have been around a long time,” said Tommy Thompson, president, iNSPIRE. “There are very few Hispanics that know what it is all about, so this is really an opportunity for us to help them find volunteers to be wish granters. The focus is to educate Hispanic consumers on what Make-A-Wish Foundation is and what they do and nudge them a little to find out more and volunteer.”  

Thompson said that iNSPIRE’s broad experience in reaching out to teens — with campaigns for clients like McDonald’s and Boost Mobile — helped make the agency a good fit for Make-A-Wish because teens are very cause-oriented.

Fernando Sabah-Canto, creative director, iNSPIRE, added, “Many of us have been volunteers for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and have been with the kids as volunteers for some time now, so we know everything from the inside. We’re very passionate about the cause, and, because of this, we can communicate the brand message at a much deeper level.”

INSPIRE has been working with the Dallas chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation for more than a year, but the agency’s new efforts will be seen nationally later this summer. TV ads will be used to send out a broad message, while the online components of the campaign will be designed for longer, deeper interactions that engage people.

One of iNSPIRE’s first steps in the campaign will be to translate the Foundation’s online content to Spanish. From there, the agency will build more online components to make the Foundation’s Web presence more interesting and relevant to Hispanic consumers.

The campaign will retain the Make-A-Wish Foundation tagline “Share the Power of a Wish,” translated into Spanish as “Comparte el poder de un Sueno.”

Work by Moroch and iNSPIRE is the latest in a spike of Make-A-Wish Foundation outreach efforts. Earlier in June, the Foundation launched a new Web site specifically for high-volume donors. The Wishes Forever portal, created by interactive agency Digital Pulp, offers a personalized account of where and how a donor’s money is being used.

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