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Make Your Marketing More Customer Centric

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Thursday, June 12
2:00PM ET/11:00AM PT

Learn how Macys.com uses predictive analytics to enhance its customer experience and increase online sales.

Many companies have taken the journey toward greater customer centricity – fueling their marketing with analytics. But how many have actually achieved a complete omni-channel strategy? Only a few. Macys.com happens to be one of them.

Working with SAP, Macys.com deployed predictive analytics in three months and has since seen a significant increase in online sales.

Join us to hear:

  • Ginger Conlon (Editor-in-Chief, Direct Marketing News) discuss the exciting trends emerging in data-driven marketing powered by predictive analytics
  • Daqing Zhao (Director of Advanced Analytics, Macys.com) describe how Macys.com applies predictive analytics to help its customer-centric marketing and CRM, through projects such as targeted emails, real-time product recommendations, and customer segmentations
  • Julien Sauvage (Director of Product Marketing, SAP), discuss how the SAP predictive analytics solution can accelerate time to insight across all your channels

Featured Speakers:

Daqing Zhao, Director of Advanced Analytics, Macys.com

Daqing Zhao has over 20 years of experience in advanced data analytics.  Trained in physical sciences, he gained extensive expertise in customer centric marketing, in optimization of all stages of customer acquisition, conversion and retention.  He worked on predictive modeling for banner ads, web behavior, search keywords, also 1:1 emails, customer life time values, real time recommendation engines, and others.

Daqing is Director of Advanced Analytics at Macys.com, leading teams of predictive analytics, data science and test and experimentation.  He previously held senior management and technical leadership positions at Ask.com, the University of Phoenix, Tribal Fusion, Yahoo, Digital Impact, and Bank of America.  He also worked on client analytics projects for Intel, HP, Wells Fargo Bank, SBC, Dell, T-Mobile, MSN Search and Travel, Intrawest, PayPal, wine.com, MasterCar.

Julien Sauvage, Director of Product Marketing for Advanced Analytics, SAP

Julien, Director of Product Marketing for Advanced Analytics, came to SAP via the KXEN acquisition in October last year. He is responsible for all aspects of outbound marketing content. Previously, Julien was instrumental as a presales engineer at KXEN for the EMEA region. With over 10 years experience in predictive analytics and data mining, Julien is a specialist in predictive concepts and social network analysis.  Julien has worked on proof of concepts, pilots and go-live deployments at 50+ customers across a spectrum of industries, including communications, finance, retail and e-Business, where he has built business solutions for CRM, fraud detection, product recommendations and operational optimization.

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