Make mom part of brand team

There are 83 million moms in the US, and they are the golden ticket to marketing success. There is no shortage of focus around this segment, and many brands are recruiting mom panels, such as Walmart Moms, to help them connect with these consumers. Chosen for their social influence and personality, brands use moms for insights, blogging, tweeting and creating content. ?

In effect, mom has become the new assistant brand manager. If your brand doesn’t have a mom panel and you are thinking about next year’s budgets, make sure you find the best ways to tap into her thoughts.?

Mom is spending a lot of time in multiple online communities. Websites need to be content-rich and social-enabled. Think about where marketing dollars are getting the most bang and make adjustments. ?

In addition, moms are increasing their use of mobile. There are 8 million moms with cell phones in the US, 20 million worldwide and ?5 billion mobile phones worldwide. She might want brands with mobile applications to help with purchase decisions and GPS to help navigate stores. Give her coupons at her fingertips and the ability to check competitor prices and read reviews before purchasing. If you’re already there, take it further through virtual reality to allow her to explore that world. ?

Create a strategy for branded apps. This is one of the easiest ways to be a part of a mom’s daily life. Build apps that help her. A tool that simplifies or saves her time will ?ingrain the brand in her life. Moms are ?filling the current void and creating their own apps by hiring developers to bring their ideas to life. Moms love entertaining, ?informative content. If you want to take advantage of her incredible sharing and relationships, you need a cross-platform content strategy. Mom watches TV, but usually with her children while on her computer multi-tasking, so content has to be relevant, entertaining and useful.?

When it comes to talking to brands, moms often use Twitter and Facebook for solving issues and problems and asking questions. Brands must address customer service issues along with content delivery. DeltaAssist, for example, took employees monitoring Twitter and spent months training them on reservation systems to enable them to quickly resolve issues for passengers.?

The best way to understand what she needs is to partner with mom. This is why brands need mom(s) on their team. Develop the programs with her early rather than bringing them to her after the fact. With so many brands missing the mark with their marketing targeting her, maybe it’s time to get her on your team. Trust her. She may be the best assistant brand manager you’ve ever had.

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