Major ISPs Latch On to Authentication

CHICAGO — The major ISPs have implemented e-mail authentication technology over the past year or two, according to a report released at the Email Sender and Provider Coalition Deliverability Workshop.

AOL, Microsoft and Yahoo each support at least one e-mail authentication standard, such as DomainKeys or Sender ID. The big three account for 50 percent of commercial e-mail sent in the United States.

After implementing DomainKeys about a year ago, Yahoo Mail is receiving more than a billion DomainKeys messages a day, said Miles Libbey, anti-spam product manager, Yahoo Mail.

In about three weeks, AOL will release details of its free authentication program for nonprofits. Setting up this program “really says how much AOL thinks about authentication,” said AOL Postmaster Charles Stiles at the deliverability workshop.

The report found that 18 of the nation’s largest ISPs have implemented e-mail authentication technology, and the report lists details on which systems the ISPs are testing and which ones they have installed.

“This report shows we’ve made great progress during the past year. However, we need to continue helping senders understand the value of authenticating e-mail to help ensure greater e-mail deliverability,” said Craig Spiezle, director, Technology Care and Safety Group, Microsoft Corp.

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