Major brands embrace tech-enhanced coupons

Coupons are solely the domain of thrifty shoppers no longer. Like direct marketing in general, innovative players in the space have taken to e-mail and mobile to reach a new generation of tech-savvy consumers.

Case and point: business review site Angie’s List recently began sending discount coupons via e-mail to consumers in three major markets, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. Meanwhile, AT&T may soon distribute e-mailed daily deals. The reason, according to Gordon Borrell, CEO of ad spending measurement firm Borrell Associates, is that brands get immediate and measureable results.

“It’s so easy for advertisers to participate, and they get immediate, measurable results,” he told Businessweek. Of course, that sentiment is a familiar one to direct marketers, and as long as the economy remains sluggish, it’s a business proposition brands will look for.

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