Majestic Realty Co. partners with Microsoft and ExactTarget

Commercial real estate developer Majestic Realty Co. is expanding its e-mail program with a new partnership with three technology services companies: Microsoft, ExactTarget and Neudesic.

The relationship is being led by Microsoft. Majestic Realty is using Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM 4.0 product to create and track campaigns, Exact Target’s e-mail platform and Neudesic’s implementation consulting services. The companies will work together to aggregate multiple sources of customer data and integrate them into ExactTarget’s e-mail platform.

“Microsoft’s CRM solution was already a platform of choice for us, and we wanted something on the e-mail marketing side that would integrate well into this CRM, and Exact Target seemed to be the right match for that,” said Jon Grunzweig, VP and chief information officer at Majestic Realty Co.

Majestic sends e-mails with property listings to commercial real estate brokers. Historically they created e-mails in house through coding HTML, but now they are up and running on the ExactTarget platform. They segment e-mails by category, such as “industrial building” or “offices and retail,” and by geographic location.

It is in the process of using ExactTarget’s platform to help create custom templates for each type of listing, be it an industrial warehouse or an office building. Then they will use these templates to create campaigns in the Microsoft CRM platform.

“It saved a significant amount of time for them, and they can use that and be more efficient,” said Emily Pierle, partner marketing manager at ExactTarget.

These e-mails are then being sent through the Microsoft CRM program.

“Loyalty is very important for us, as our clients are making big deals for hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars,” said Grunzweig. “We are using e-mail to get some leads and then form personal relationships with these brokers.”

Each e-mail recipient that has opted in for the program can expect to receive about two e-mails a week, which after segmenting, ends up in about 1,500 inboxes.

“Our target audience is already receiving e-mails from other companies like Majestic, so you don’t want to hit them too much,” said Grunzweig. “But, on the flip side, you want to send them to remind them about our listings and because they have asked to receive them.”

This new group partnership comes less than a month after Microsoft announced that the ExactTarget for Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution earned Certified for Microsoft Dynamics accreditation, its highest standard for partner-developed software services.


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