Mail-Well Plant Resumes Work After Shooting

Envelope maker Mail-Well said last week that a Visalia, CA, plant damaged by fire after a gunman shot an employee before killing himself was returning to operation and most deliveries were being made.

The fire affected the executive office area of the plant only, said Mail-Well, Englewood, CO. Only a few dozen orders were affected. Orders already in the shipping area of the plant were untouched and expected to ship Dec. 12.

More than 100 workers are engaged in a cleanup of the plant, which is part of Mail-Well's PrintXcel business unit. The cleanup will take about a week but the plant will return to operation prior to that on a limited basis while suppliers replace the plant's paper stocks, which were damaged by smoke and water, Mail-Well said.

The gunman, who entered the plant Dec. 9, was a former employee of the plant. Mail-Well said the plant mainly produces mailing products.

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