Mail-Well Gets Orders for 2 Million Visualopes

Envelope manufacturer Mail-Well Inc. said yesterday that it has received two separate orders for 1 million each of its Visualope safety-window envelopes.

The Visualope lets mail recipients see the contents of the envelope through a wrap-around window along the bottom. The company also is beginning production on a separate line of safety-oriented products that will include tamper-evident envelopes and is researching incorporating existing biological technologies into new envelope products, including what it calls contamination-alert and antibacterial envelopes.

The company said the two Visulope orders came from direct mailers, but would not name them. Mail-Well Envelope, a division of Mail-Well Inc. based in Englewood, CO, is the world's largest envelope manufacturer, producing more than 33 billion yearly.

“Large mailers are asking our engineers to design envelope products that will bring greater safety, security and comfort to the mail system,” said Mail-Well Envelope president/CEO Bob Hart.

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