Mailnet Adds Campaign Services

Mailnet Services Inc., Nashville, TN, expanded its services this week from being solely a direct mail list services provider to offering end-to-end e-mail, direct mail and fax campaigns.

The service allows companies to design campaigns at Mailnet's Web site and to send messages across any or all of the three media.

Firms can upload their own images for creative work or can download materials from the site's library. E-mail campaigns can use text or HTML links, or both, for rich media applications. For direct mail, addresses can be printed on envelopes or labels and can include company graphics.

Mailnet's e-mail service includes an option called Escalation, which allows firms to set up alternative direct mail or fax send-outs that would replace an e-mail in case the message bounces.

The site also offers Mailnet's holdover services such as prospect list rentals and list cleaning. However, firms can upload their own files of addresses or fax numbers as well.

Companies can register at, where they will receive a password that allows them to save campaigns for reuse.

Mailnet said turnaround for all campaigns depends on how fast the client approves the final proofs, although most orders are sent for delivery within three days.

Prices for the services vary according to the orders. An order of 2,000 direct mail full-color postcards, 1,000 e-mail messages and 500 faxes, for example, would cost approximately $1,060 at the site.

The major benefit of the service is that “you only have to create this document one time,” said Don Leyrer, president/CEO of Mailnet. “You don't have to develop separate campaigns for messages that go out e-mail, go out direct mail or go out fax.”

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