Mailing Groups Give Comments to Postal Reform Commission

The deadline for submitting comments to the Presidential Commission on the Postal Service passed yesterday with insiders saying more than 300 submissions from individuals and groups were received.

The Association for Postal Commerce, a coalition of business mailers, said that reform is needed but should be implemented incrementally.

The Mailers Council, representing mailers and mailing associations, offered six recommendations: continue universal service, improve productivity, enhance mailer options, enhance postal compensation, improve financial transparency and invest in technology.

The Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers offered recommendations covering universal mail delivery, the postal monopoly, the rate-setting process, controlling costs, adjustments in service, competition with the private sector and U.S. Postal Service governance and oversight.

The nine-member commission's next meeting is Feb. 20 at The Hotel Washington. Its report is due to the president by July 31.

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