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Mailify Launches Its Responsive Email Software in the U.S.

U.S. marketers have a plethora of email marketing tools to choose from. So, it’s a bold move for France-based Mailify to join the fray. The company, which has 20,000 users in Europe, has launched its cloud-based responsive email marketing software in the United States. The tool, designed for creating marketing campaigns and newsletters, includes templates that flex to a recipient’s device, providing the optimal view of an email whether the recipient views it on a desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

“The truth is, today’s consumers and decision makers live in a multi-screen, on-the-move world,” says Eric Krattenstein, Mailify’s CMO, US. “Responsive email design is about more than just looking good on any screen; it is about being accessible to your contacts whenever, wherever—delivering an experience that meets their expectations.”

The Mailify software also features functionalities such as geolocation, A/B testing, and drag-and-drop email building capabilities, as well as email domain address autocorrect and multi-language capabilities. For those who want to try before they buy, the company offers a freemium product. Pay by the drink and annual prepay plans are also available.

“As desktop email open rates decline each year, they’re met with equal or greater rises in mobile open rates,” Krattenstein says, “proving that any business that fails to optimize for these readers is simply leaving business on the table.”

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