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Mailer Pulls in Traffic for Legal Site

A direct mail piece by Collier Shannon Scott promoting its new advertising-law Web site has helped the site generate 250 unique visitors a day and sign up more than 50 registrants for its weekly newsletter.

John Feldman, a partner in Collier Shannon Scott's advertising and marketing practice group, said the site — the first by the firm to cover advertising law — was created because of clients' demand for quick information.

“We realized that we were going to need a more efficient way of providing our clients with as much information as quickly as possible,” Feldman said. “Now the Web site provides us with a way to be more responsive and enables us to provide clients and potential clients with up-to-date information regarding advertising laws.”

The site, www.advertisinglawplaybook.com, joins several other targeted sites hosted by the law firm, including a site for antitrust and trade regulations and one for business strategies and transactions.

The direct mail campaign targets current clients as well as prospects. In all, the law firm sent 2,000 mail pieces to directors, vice presidents of marketing and general counsel at Fortune 500 companies, large ad agencies and Web-based promotion agencies.

The piece is a simple self-mailer that does not include a large amount of text. The Web address is prominently displayed on the front. The text on the back of the mailer briefly discusses the site and why it was launched. It provides a short list of the site's features, including weekly updates on developments; monthly news of regulatory actions; summaries of pending federal and state legislation; and articles on marketing, promotions and advertising.

“We kept it simple because the only thing they need to see is the Web address,” Feldman said. “My experience in working with advertisers is that they don't read everything. They just want to know where the Web site is. And general counsel people will only give something like this two seconds, and if they don't see the URL they won't bother.”

The campaign cost less than $10,000.

While Feldman thinks the Web site will do a good job of promoting itself, he said the direct mail campaign will help to create an initial buzz.

“It will give people a reason to check it out now, even if they don't have an immediate need for it,” he said.

Sightline Marketing, Washington, a full-service advertising agency, helped to create the campaign.

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