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Mail Order Association Starts DirectMarketingEvents.com

The National Mail Order Association, Minneapolis, announced the debut of a Web site for the direct marketing industry yesterday.

DirectMarketingEvents.com provides information regarding all DM-related seminars and other industry events worldwide, NMOA said.

Topics on the site include: general direct marketing and mail order, direct mail, catalog marketing, infomercials and television shopping, inbound and outbound telemarketing, order fulfillment, mailing lists, copywriting and advertising design, e-commerce and wholesale buying events.

Direct marketing and mail order-related associations, groups and clubs can post their events. Colleges and other training organizations that have a DM-related program can post their classes and courses along with industry trade show producers and publishers that sponsor direct marketing events.

DirectMarketingEvents.com also offers an industry contact department. Those in need of DM-related services will be able to locate appropriate vendors. The site soon will host a discussion forum called DMchat.com.

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