Mail Group Denounces Canada Post Over Foreign Delivery

A coalition of private Canadian and international mail companies said yesterday that it will urge Canada's next government to immediately examine Canada Post's bid to expand its monopoly over international mail delivery.

The election is Monday, and Parliament likely will be back in session by the end of February. A vote of no confidence Nov. 28 brought down the minority Liberal government and forced the election.

Canada's Supreme Court denied Key Mail International Inc.'s appeal last month after a recent Ontario Court of Appeal decision upholding Canada Post's contention that it has exclusive privilege to collect, transmit and deliver letters in Canada, including letters from Canada to the rest of the world.

At issue was whether this prohibits other companies from collecting and/or transmitting letters to destinations outside the country. Key Mail had been operating an international outbound lettermail service, but Canada Post brought legal action against the company in August 2004.

The Canadian International Mail Association, Ottawa, said it wants a parliamentary review of the exclusive privilege provisions of the Canada Post Corporation Act.

“It is totally unacceptable that, after over 20 years of open and fair competition, Canada Post now says it has a monopoly over outbound mail and is trying to put us out of business,” said Gwyneth Howell, spokeswoman for the association, which represents a number of private mail companies such as Key Mail Canada and Spring Global.

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