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Madison Logic Spins Off Data Company

Madison Logic today announced the formation of Madison Logic Data, which will function as a separate entity focused on the acquisition and analysis of intent-to-purchase data for B2B marketers. Madison Logic Founder and CEO Erik Matlick will lead the new company and will serve as board chairman overseeing both companies.

The new company will aggregate and activate intent data for lead generation and display campaigns run at scale. Last month Madison Logic entered into an exclusive partnership with Oracle’s Data as a Service for Marketers solution, making its predictive B2B segments available to Blue Kai customers.

“[Our] success has led to our ability to create a new business entity entirely devoted to digging deeper into that data and making it truly actionable for B2B marketers,” Matlick said.

Taking over Matlick’s CEO role at Madison Logic is Tom O’Regan, who joins the company from Martini Media, where he was president and chief revenue officer.

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