Macy’s delivers Memorial Day circular through Yahoo Mail

Macy’s delivered its 2010 Memorial Day sale book online using a Yahoo ad unit. The sale book ads use Yahoo’s “Pullover” ad units in Yahoo Mail.

Yahoo created the ads for retailers with Internet advertising firm PointRoll.

“It is about taking that offline circular shopping experience and making it interactive online,” said Catherine Spurway, VP of strategy and marketing at PointRoll. “We replicated the Macy’s Memorial Day circular and made it digital.”

Yahoo is serving the ads — which look like rich media banner ads, but are expandable and interactive — to women age 25 to 55 through Yahoo Mail. The ad units expand across the page to look like a traditional circular when consumers roll over them. Consumers can click on products to find them online and share the circular to social networks.

The ads’ creative is tailored for the nearest Macy’s location. Depending on the consumer’s behavior, he or she will receive one of three product-focused creative executions for swimwear, home or the Memorial Day book cover.

“This speaks to this trend of data influencing creative,” added Spurway.

The ad unit is part of Yahoo’s Digital AdVentures program, launched earlier this year, which includes new advertising tools and research. Yahoo and Macy’s will measure the online and in-store performance of this campaign to inform how it will use these units in the future.

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