Lyris increases Web page download speed with Gomez partnership

E-mail marketing services firm Lyris Inc. said it has improved the response time of its Web page downloads by more than 30% since its recent adoption of Gomez’s Active Network XF platform.

Lyris signed up with Gomez for its Web application experience management services in order to monitor and improve the online experience.

“This is part of the new Lyris HQ vision, which focuses on enhancing the interface of our suite of services and combining Web marketing tools such as analytics, e-mail and asset management into one place,” said Jeremy Franzen, director of hosted services at Lyris.

“The way that an e-mail looks on a page and how the landing pages load all come from the servers, and we are trying to clean out the bottle necks on this back end to optimize the experience.”

The Gomez Network XF monitors Web sites from 80 globally located Internet backbone nodes and combines the information with the Active Last Mile XF, which monitors more than 30,000 end-user desktops at different connection speeds, ISPs and locations from the end user experience. This information is then given to clients including Lyris in charts and data that identify performance bottlenecks and their causes — be it a third party, an ISP or an internal problem.

This is the first part of what will be a continued partnership. “We are just getting started in our new HQ idea and there will be much more to come,” Franzen said.

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