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Lyris helps manage Hay House author e-mail lists

Self-help book publisher Hay House Publishing House confirmed e-mail marketing firm Lyris Technologies Inc. as the manager of its authors’ e-mails lists.

Hay House, Carlsbad, CA, is using e-mail to expand its marketing efforts after the momentum it gained in March when four of its titles hit the New York Times bestseller list simultaneously.

The bestsellers include “Exploring the Levels of Creation” by Sylvia Browne ($15.16) and “10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace” by Wayne Dyer ($11.96). The publisher also sells audio CDs like “Power to Change” by Marianne Williamson ($19.16) and card decks like “The Secrets of Millionaire Mind Cards” ($12.76).

Hay House sends e-mail newsletters about events and new products, as well as promotional messages with exclusive discounts to its existing customer base and to new prospects that attend its events and conferences.

Since Hay House hired Lyris, the publisher claims its list size has increased by 200 percent and its average daily sales volume has increased by 20 percent.

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