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Lyris Debuts ListManager 9.0 for Audience Engagement Measurement

J. L. Halsey Corp.’s Lyris Technologies yesterday introduced Lyris ListManager 9.0, an upgrade that combines AJAX with Flash technology.

A key feature of this product from the Emeryville, CA-based company is the new ListManager Engagement Index that evaluates a campaign’s effectiveness in captivating its target audience.

In effect, the index is a report dashboard that takes metrics like opens, clicks, subscribes, unsubscribes, forwards and purchases. Then, using an algorithmic formula, it aggregates each action to generate a number that represents how engaged the campaign’s audience was in the effort.

This number becomes the benchmark for future campaigns, according to Lyris.

For example, an e-mail campaign can have 100 opens and another effort can have 20 clickthroughs. It is possible that the 20 clickthroughs effort generated a much higher ROI than the 100 opens campaign. Lyris’ technology tracks this for its e-mail marketing clients.

Meanwhile, Lyris sister company EmailLabs announced it had signed on Forbes.com, Crunch Fitness, Dominator Clothing, Travel Industry Association of America and Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency/American Education Services as clients. They all use EmailLabs for e-mail marketing services.

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