LTS Debuts CDNOW List

LTS List Management Services yesterday began offering the new-to-market CDNOW list of over 360,000 Internet buyers at postal address.

CDNOW customers are Internet buyers have who bought compact discs, videos or DVDs at The average order on the file is $15.

Selections on the file include geography, gender, credit card, dollar, telephone number, last purchase amount and cumulative purchase amount. Musical interest selects are also available with categories such as Rock, Alternative, Pop, Jazz, R&B, Hip-Hop, Country, Reggae, World, Classical, New Age, Gospel, Oldies, Kids and Soundtrack.

The base price for the CDNOW file is $110/M. Canadian names and nonprofit discount rates are also available.

LTS recommends this file for offers of home entertainment electronics, books, magazines, apparel, accessories, software, online services, cosmetics, credit cards, travel, sweepstakes and others.

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