LSC Offers New Selects on Columbia House Files

List Services Corp., Bethel, CT, yesterday announced the first-time availability of several selects on the Columbia House lists, effective immediately.

The new selections include new-to-file enrollment hotlines, number of purchases and dollar amount.

With the addition of the hotline selects, the 19.7 million-member Columbia House Entertainment Master File now offers 954,000 monthly new enrollment names. The 8.6 million-member music club has 76,000 monthly enrollment names, and the 11.1 million-member video club has 265,000 monthly enrollment names.

Other Columbia House files with these new selections include the Columbia House Completers, DVD Club, Ethnic, Musica Latina, New Members, New Movers, Puerto Rico Members, Video Library, Families and Young Americans lists.

Previously available segments such as geography, gender, age, presence of children and household income are still selectable on the files as well. The Columbia House files have base prices of $105/M.

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