LSC Debuts Credit Card Statement Programs

List Services Corp., Bethel, CT, announced the availability of the new-to-market Paramount credit card statement programs. The main Paramount program offers inserts into 35 million monthly invoice statements to credit card buyers.

There are also four targeted programs: a travel program with 8 million monthly statements, a retail program with 17 million monthly statements, a Hispanic program with 3 million and a business program with 7 million. Each program costs $45/M.

Paramount Travel Credit Card Statements insert into general airlines reward cards or by specific airlines. The Paramount Retail Credit Card Statements reach consumers with store credit cards such as Saks, Fashion Bug and Circuit City.

The Paramount Hispanic Credit Card Statements reach bilingual consumers who requested their communications in Spanish. The Paramount Business Statement Program inserts into business credit cards used for business travel and business equipment suppliers, including Capital One, Discover and Dell Financial Services cards.

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