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Loyalty push precedes Red Hawk opening

Red Hawk Casino has begun a push to sign members to its Red Hawk Rewards Club before the Casino’s grand opening in December.

The rewards club is being promoted by mail to a list of consumers who live within 50 miles of the Placerville, CA, casino that have been identified as potential gamers. The target age group for Red Hawk is 25 to 64, especially those more than 35 years of age. Red Hawk also is targeting known top-level members of other casinos, offering to “gift in” players in top tiers of competing casinos’ membership clubs; those members will automatically be entered into a similar tier at Red Hawk Casino.

“Red Hawk Rewards is a loyalty program that allows the casino to reward and recognize some of our best players,” said Heidi Hamers, the casino’s VP of marketing. “The benefits allow players to earn points or complimentary goods, and, in exchange, we get their name and address and it allows us to back market to them.”

Potential members have been urged to sign up for the rewards club on the casino’s Web site, which launched last week in conjunction with Red Hawk’s mail campaign. Rewards club cards and a bonus free slot play will be mailed to members before the casino opens its doors.

The Red Hawk Rewards Club, which is divided into gold, platinum and elite membership tiers, allows members to earn points for playing the slot machines. Points can be redeemed for free slot play, gift shop merchandise, hourly child care, meals at the casino restaurants and promotion into higher membership tiers. Sixty-thousand points earns platinum status and 150,000 earns elite status, which offers express line passes, hotel discounts and a VIP phone line. All three levels are eligible to win Red Hawk Rewards Jackpots, awarded randomly.

Hamers said she anticipates as many as 100,000 new members enrolling in the program within the first month.

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