Low-Cost Email Service Becomes Available on Salesforce

Salesforce.com commands million-dollar fees for installations at large enterprises, but that wasn’t always the case, says Campaign Monitor CMO Kraig Swensrud (above), who served as CMO of the CRM giant after it purchased his digital marketing app Kieden in 2006. “The reality is that Salesforce had hundreds of thousands of SMBs as clients. They started there before they moved on to the Fortune 500,” Swensrud noted.

Salesforce still serves plenty of small to medium sized businesses on the Sales Cloud, where Swensrud claims that the Campaign Monitor app is number one on the AppExchange, a big reason why Campaign Monitor for Salesforce was unveiled today.

The app will be aimed at the lower tier of the Sales Cloud, Group clients that pay $25 per month for up to five users and Professional users that pay $65 for a complete CRM suite for any size team. Campaign Monitor itself fields $9 and $29 monthly plans.

“We give SMBs enterprise-level functions like A/B testing, automation, and campaign reporting. It’s an email marketing system that they can scale up as they go,” Swensrud says. “But it’s also of value to Salesforce clients like Nike or Ford that use Exact Target in the marketing cloud. A lot of departments at large companies want to do an email campaign but have a hard time getting things done internally. Agencies serving large companies using our service.”

Campaign Monitor for Salesforce is available to Salesforce customers at no additional cost on the Salesforce AppExchange.

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