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Lovemoney.com hires StrongMail for e-mail marketing

Lovemoney.com, a personal finance Web site based in the UK, has selected StrongMail to power its e-mail marketing.

Lovemoney.com operates by the mantra, ‘have a better relationship with your money,’ using social media and personalization on the site to achieve this relationship. The financial company plans to use the StrongMail platform to optimize personalization in these messages.

“The success of our e-mail strategy plays a direct part in our commercial success. It’s critical that we identify the most relevant content for each customer and then ensure that this content gets through so they can benefit from it,” said Ian Major, operations director at LoveMoney.com, in a statement. “If we fail in either of these requirements, we risk losing the engagement of our customers and, subsequently, we could lose revenue.”

LoveMoney.com sends e-mails to more than one million clients, about 30 million e-mails a month in total. LoveMoney.com joins other StrongMail UK clients including The Motley Fool UK (www.fool.co.uk), which was sending a similar volume of e-mail.

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