Losing followers? Don’t worry, Instagram’s just taking out the spam

If you’re managing your brands Instagram account and you noticed an alarming drop in followers, worry not, it’s just Instagram taking out the trash.

The platform announced today that it was performing a massive purge of spam of fake accounts from its network.

“After receiving feedback from members in the Instagram community, we recently fixed an issue that incorrectly included inactive accounts in follower/following lists,” an Instagram spokesman said in a statement. “We believe this will provide a more authentic experience and genuinely reflect people who are actually engaging with each other’s content.”

Spam on Instagram has been a huge problem, especially for accounts with a huge number of followers, which is usually celebrities, and sometimes brands. Not only do spam accounts artificially inflate follower counts, they’re a nuisance when it comes to comments, invading any post that’s getting traction.

It’s been a long time coming, but it looks like Instagram’s finally killing offenders en masse. No doubt it’s a welcome move, especially as it starts to make the push for advertisers who’ll be looking for genuine engagement and followers for their Instagram content.

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