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Looking Glass, Simmons Form Data Alliance

Looking Glass, a consumer marketing information company, is expected to say today that it has formed an alliance to combine its Cohorts household-based market segmentation system with the consumer and psychographic market research strengths of the Simmons Market Research Bureau.

According to Looking Glass, the alliance will allow advertisers that target consumers not only to identify and understand their key consumer segments, but also to develop relevant positioning and messaging across the entire media spectrum.

“Instead of just supplying traditional demographic information, we can now show marketers real consumer behavioral data,” said Scott Schroeder, chief operating officer at Looking Glass. “Effective marketing and advertising decisions, based on this understanding of customers and best prospects, can now be made using database marketing.

“Additionally, such marketing programs can be synchronized across media, achieving consistent branding efforts in appropriate mass marketing channels that tie in with tightly targeted household-level direct mail and Internet-based marketing efforts,” he said.

For example, ad agencies can develop targeted branding and positioning strategies that capitalize on the strengths of traditional and direct media. The combined information can be used as a business development tool. In addition, by producing actual consumer profiles to present to prospective clients, agencies can support their creative platforms with more comprehensive data.

The research data will allow e-commerce companies to understand who their customers are, not just what they buy or what pages they view, according to Looking Glass.

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