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Look into the future: How to tell which companies are most likely to buy based on web activity

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Analyst firm SiriusDecisions estimates that in a complex sale, the buyer’s journey is 70% complete by the time they’re ready to engage with a live salesperson. That’s because B2B buyers today are more in control of the sales process than they’ve ever been before. With the vast amount of resources online, it’s no longer a necessity to speak to a salesperson until the buyer has done almost all of their research.

In this session, Adam Greco, Senior Partner at Web Analytics Demystified, and Shari Johnston, Director of Demand Generation at Demandbase, will explore how you can predict intent to purchase – by company – long before a prospect ever engages with your sales team or even completes a form on your website.

Through this webcast, attendees will learn:

  • Why website activity is the best predictor of intent to purchase
  • How to spot intent to purchase online, from your targeted accounts
  • How successful companies are using digital body language to predict intent to buy and how they’re optimizing the web experience based on it
  • What you need to get started

Register today to learn how you can identify the companies that are on your website now and most likely to convert to revenue.


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