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LongJump unveils database-as-a-service applications

LongJump has released application programming interfaces that turn the company’s platform into a provider of database-as-a-service.

The new offering has been compared to Amazon’s S3 on-demand storage service, because it allows companies to host a Web-enabled database without owning or operating their own database server.

“When it comes to business applications that serve internal needs, businesses almost always need help setting up, providing backup, doing maintenance, etc.,” LongJump founder and CEO Pankaj Malviya said. “When we started LongJump, we saw an opportunity to extend the LongJump concept to the database space, where clients can get all these things done without worrying about where my data will be stored and who is taking backup on it.”

“The direction that LongJump is taking is that now we are providing you all the key components, all the key functionalities, that can really help you run your business,” he continued. “You can worry about the core aspects of your business, and you leave things that are not your core competency to parties like LongJump.”

Malviya said LongJump focuses on serving small to mid-size businesses across a variety of verticals — from financial services providers to retailers.

“The ideal client is a business that does not want to own a big server and be responsible for it and manage it end-to-end,” he stated. “So, for a business with maybe 5,200 employees that wants to have better systems in place, we offer a tremendously powerful tool, and they get a platform on demand at very affordable price.”

A database created on a basic spreadsheet, like Excel, can be imported to LongJump’s DaaS. From the LongJump platform, users can manage access, build dashboards, run reports and add data and workflows.

The LongJump DaaS is a multi-tenant platform, and its applications are designed to be able to integrate with those of other software. All data hosted on the LongJump database is accessible via Web browser.

LongJump is owned by Relationals Inc., a CRM and SFA business applications provider. The company is based in Sunnyvale, CA.

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