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London creative agency elevates eco-conscious startup’s brand image

Eco-Conscious London
Eco-Conscious London

London-based creative company They That Do is known for collaborating with forward-thinking companies committed to societal and environmental responsibility. Focusing on creating community interaction, the team is changing the face of successful businesses by prioritizing financial and moral rewards.

Seedfolk, a home-based startup, shares a similar vision. Its founder, Gemma Hudson, started the venture during widespread lockdowns, promoting the idea of growing mini gardens at home. The goal is not just home décor but fostering mental health, a sense of responsibility, and a bond with nature. Seedfolk hopes to bring greenery indoors and give city-dwellers the joy of gardening in their own spaces.

The They That Do team collaborates with Seedfolk to develop its brand image.

London agency enhances eco-friendly startup’s branding

The goal is to visually represent a variety of scenarios, from community shares to home gardens, showcasing a multi-layered brand persona. They want to reflect the practical aspects of gardening and the sense of shared community and pride in cultivating and nurturing a garden.

The team drew artistic inspiration from the British Library. Among old botanical guides and vintage print ads, they found links between visual outcomes of past hardships and the present-day COVID-19 pandemic. These sources revealed themes of resilience and hope, echoing society’s tendency to turn to creativity during difficult times.

Inspired by these findings, They That Do aims to create artwork that resonates with people’s current experiences, reminding them of human endurance and adaptability in the face of adversity.

Working with Thomas Minnock, They That Do has designed a brand guide for Seedfolk. The design combines nostalgic visuals, bold graphic backgrounds, retro illustrations, and a simple color pattern for continual evolution. The team has also used typefaces found on vintage seed packets from the 1930s to maintain a vintage vibe.

They have incorporated this vintage charm into a fresh, modern design, merging sleek, minimalist interfaces with rich illustrations and animated logos. The goal is to create a sense of nostalgia that highlights Seedfolk’s commitment to environmental responsibility while ensuring an inviting user experience.

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