Logility Platform Handles Sales, Operations

Logility, a supplier of business-to-business collaborative commerce solutions, announced the availability of Logility Voyager Collaborate, a platform for collaborative sales and operations planning from within a single Internet-based solution.

Logility Voyager Collaborate aims to increase supply chain visibility and synchronize internal operations to present a consolidated view of supply chain information such as orders, sales, production plans, inventory, shipments, back orders and operating budgets.

The platform, Logility said, can create a process that brings together sales, marketing, replenishment, manufacturing, distribution and finance teams to develop a plan that satisfies the operational needs of all parties. For manufacturing and distribution companies, it lets them view the dynamics of their marketplace, analyze their capabilities and respond with a business plan designed to benefit their short- and long-term visibility.

Features of Logility Voyager Collaborative include multiple demand and supply plans, expanded exception-based management; telescoping periods and enhanced graphics.

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