L.L. Bean, Joseph A. Bank Choose MarketHome E-mail Marketing Service

MarketHome Inc., Berkeley, CA announced yesterday it had reached agreements to provide opt-in e-mail marketing services to a number of leading online catalog merchandisers, including L.L. Bean and Joseph A. Bank.

MarketHome's Email Marketing Service provides an entirely Web-based service to help catalogers and other online merchandisers expand or build customer bases through targeted e-mail marketing programs.

According to Jim Williams, founder/CEO of MarketHome, the competition for online customers is placing new demands on marketers who now have to find additional ways to build lasting customer relationships that include connections to the online world.

William’s says “MarketHome's service gives managers the tools they

need to forge these relationships and grow them over time, adding ‘stickiness’ and long-term value to their Web investment.”

According to MarketHome, L.L. Bean will use the company’s system to implement “LLB-Mail,” a service designed to help customers stay informed and to send customers personalized notices relating to their purchasing interests. The company says “Without using any pre-existing lists, L.L. Bean has achieved MarketHome's fastest subscription rate to date, signing more than 7,000 customers in only 30 days of deployment.”

MarketHome says each of its clients uses the service in differently.

At Jos. A. Banks, vice president Carl Erikson said the company chose MarketHome's service to expand its one-on-one relationship marketing efforts. He also noted the system was easy to implement. Other MarketHome clients include Boise Cascade, Coach, Lifestyles Direct, JC Whitney and J&R Computers.

MarketHome Inc., was founded in 1997. The company has rapidly become one of the leaders in the growing opt-in marketing industry.

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