Livefyre’s acquisition of Storify will give brands a new tool for content creation and placement

Although it’s primarily known as a social storytelling tool for online journalists, Storify is about to reposition itself as a content creation tool for brands. Commenting and online response platform Livefyre announced its acquisition of Storify yesterday, with the goal of making it a new feature for its enterprise clients. 

Over 850,000 journalists, agencies and brands already use Storify as a quick, efficient storytelling tool that curates multimedia and social content from around the web.

Many brands and publications currently use Livefyre to manage comments, do live blogs and curate social media content, putting it up as a feed on their websites. They can also use Livefyre’s social native advertising service to place native ads and branded content out on other publishing platforms that use Livefyre, such as TechCrunch, IGN, The Washington Post etc.

Now, Livefyre will be able to offer Storify as an additional feature for brands to use when creating content. Along with their own editorial content, brands can now conceivably use Storify to supplement it, with the whole package being sent out on Livefyre’s extensive customer network. In this way, Livefyre gets to act both as a content creation, and a content placement channel.

Storify had already started marketing towards enterprises by adding features, such as the ability to export a Storify feature as a PDF file, which comes in handy for advertisers or sales staff.

Although the Storify team will move into Livefyre’s San Francisco offices, there will be not change in look and functionality of the product.

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