Live From Epsilon…

Epsilon is attempting to fine-tune the definition of real-time, relevant email delivery with an addition to its Agility Harmony content platform.

Harmony Live, a feature pioneered by Epsilon partner PowerInbox, gives marketers the ability to dynamically change the content of an email after it’s been opened. With this capability, relevance can be determined by where or when a person opened it.

“Think about a typical retailer. It knows the state and Zip Code of a customer and the closest store and sends you relevant sale information,” says Art Souza. “Harmony Live adds the next dimension. If I fly to another city and open the email there, it will give information to the store closest to me.”

Harmony Live can let email marketers do things like add countdown clocks for offers that update every time the email is opened, connect real-time posts from Facebook or Instagram, or deploy a video playback component with live animation.

“This is a very interesting way to re-invigorate already successful email programs,” Souza says.

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