Litrides & Associates Debuts

Lindy Litrides, a direct marketing executive with 25 years' experience, has launched Litrides & Associates. The Atlanta shop will offer customer relationship marketing and privacy services to marketers.

“It's a combination of integrating privacy issues into relationship marketing to improve services to the customer and to improve direct marketing results for my customers,” Litrides said.

As part of its charter, the shop will focus on direct marketing and relationship-building programs hinging on the ethical use of data. It will help businesses grasp privacy and information use issues and develop programs that respect laws, standards and guidelines.

Three clients in the nonprofits space already have signed up. Litrides would not disclose their names, saying they were new and preferred anonymity.

Litrides & Associates will function as a network of professionals whose services will be pooled based on the scope of assignments.

A member of the Direct Marketing Association, Litrides serves on the New York-based trade body's board of directors and its executive and ethics and privacy committees. Most recently, she was senior vice president of relationship marketing at the Arthritis Foundation, growing the organization's direct marketing revenue to $20 million from $4 million in 10 years. Litrides also worked at Epsilon, Endata and Macy's.

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