ListsNow Expands Into International Market

ListsNow, the Web site from list broker Direct Contact Marketing Group, Grants, NM, has expanded its offerings to include international business lists through an agreement with data communications firm Wise and Loveys Information Services, Hertfordshire, England.

ListsNow (, which enables small businesses to purchase lists online in quantities below industry minimums, will link users to five business databases through the Wise and Loveys Mailing Labels list engine just as it links to the Polk U.S. consumer and Dun & Bradstreet U.S. business databases through List Merchant, the list engine from Multiactive Data, Vancouver, BC.

The databases are from Conduit Business Information, Reed Business Information, the Hollis Directory, the D&B Worldbase of 1.8 million businesses in the United Kingdom and the Grahm & Whiteside directory of the largest 75,000 businesses outside the United States. ListsNow expects to offer a UK consumer lifestyle database in early 1999.

DCMG president Gilson Terriberry said although he expects some demand for the list from U.S. mailers targeting the European market, the majority of the business will come from mailers in the United Kingdom.

“The pricing is competitive with what these folks [in the UK] can do offline,'' he said. “And local U.S. mailers can [now] afford to test in the UK.”

The Mailing Labels software gives mailers the option of renting a list for single use and having the data downloaded and printed as mailing labels only. In addition to a cost savings for the mailer, this procedure provides a level of protection for the data provider because the lists can not be stored by the purchaser. Multiple use arrangements are also available.

The site will be promoted with placement of keywords on the leading search engines in the United Kingdom.

For small businesses that may not require or can not meet the minimums imposed by list brokers, online list purchases can be cheaper if the lists are used multiple times.

“Pricing for online lists in the United States is about double what offline would be for single use but is competitive with multiple use contracts,'' Terriberry said. “It's more expensive to mail when you download from the Web due to lack of postal certification.''

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