List Services Adds PCH Files, Ride Along

List Services Corp., Bethel, CT, is expected to announce the availability today of two new Publishers Clearing House files and a ride-along program through its list management division.

The Publishers Clearing House New Movers Masterfile contains 184,900 last-6-month change of address names. The Publishers Clearing House Jewelry & Beauty Buyers file has 631,300 last-12-month merchandise buyers of jewelry and beauty products.

Selects on these files include geography, recency and gender. The base prices are $85/M. PCH lists are 70 percent female and 100 percent direct mail generated.

List Services suggests these files for offers including insurance, general merchandise, home decor, health, beauty, publishing, fundraising, music clubs and book clubs.

The Publishers Clearing House Ride Along program consists of 14 million pieces annually. The price for this program is $65/M.

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