List Services Acquires Infomercial Buyer Files

List Services Corp., Bethel, CT, has acquired two new infomercial buyer files from Sylmark Inc.

ABslide Exercise Equipment is a file of 500,000 last-six-month buyers of exercise equipment and accessories from the ABslide infomercial.

The file is 50 percent female, and the average age is 40. The file is 100 percent credit card buyers with an average order of $80, and 100 percent of the names have telephone numbers available.

A monthly hotline of 200,000 names is selectable, as is geography.

The file size is expected to reach 1 million by year-end.

The Herbal Energizer Supplement Buyers file has 250,000 last-six-month buyers of energy supplements from the Herbal Energizer Plus infomercial.

The list is 55 percent female and has an average age of 40. All buyers have paid with a credit card and have supplied their telephone numbers. The average order is $47.

The monthly hotline count is 65,000. The total file is expected to have 500,000 names by year-end.

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