List Price Index Reveals Little Change

Newsletters remain the highest priced lists and respondents the lowest priced while business magazines with controlled circulation continue to see the largest yearly increase, according to the results of the latest Worldata List Price Index comparing December 1998 prices of lists in 13 categories with those from a year ago.

All three categories were the leaders in the last index, which was released in August 1998. Prices are collected from SRDS listings by list firm Worldata, Boca Raton, FL.

The average price per thousand names of a newsletter list was $143 in December, a drop of $6 from August but an increase of $3 from a year ago. Business magazines/paid circulation were the second most expensive at $132, an increase of $2 since August and $5 since last year.

The average price for respondents was $63, a decrease of $1 since August and an increase of $2 since last year. The category also was the lowest on a weighted basis, which takes into account the universe size of each list in a category, at $62.

Business magazines/controlled circulation increased $7.63, the most of any category in straight dollars and percentage, while database/master files were up $5.42. Inquiries/expires increased $0.56, the least in straight dollars and percentage.

The index also tracks the highest and lowest priced individual list in each category, and all 26 lists remain unchanged. It also revealed:

* Attendees/members surpassed newsletters as the highest average priced list on a weighted basis at $136, an increase of $1.

* Databases/master files had the highest weighted increase of $13.17 just as it had in August while consumer book buyers had the lowest increase of $0.29.

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