List Briefs: Walter Karl Offers Radio Enthusiasts

Walter Karl, a Donnelley company, Pearl River, NY, took over management of the Radio Spirits Catalog list of 260,000 old-time radio audio buyers. These are catalog buyers of cassettes and compact discs of their favorite radio programs from the past such as the Jack Benny Show, Gunsmoke, Abbott & Costello and Lucille Ball.

The file is 65 percent male with a median age of 54 and an income of $40,000-plus. The average unit of sale is $59. Selects include geography, gender, Internet source, multi-buyers, dollar, gift givers and payment method. An enhanced version of the file is also available with additional lifestyle and demographic selects.

The base price is $100/M. Walter Karl recommends this file for home entertainment, fundraising, subscription, credit card, insurance, music, video, senior, health, travel and gourmet food offers.

Direct Media Manages Ticket Buyers File

Direct Media Inc., Greenwich, CT, debuted the SMG Ticket Buyers file of more than 2 million buyers of tickets to concerts, sporting events, fine arts events and family events.

The file is 47 percent female, and the average order is $193 for four tickets. Average buyer age is 28, and average household income is $55,000. These ticket buyers are selectable by geography, gender, event type, dollar and multi-buyer.

The base price is $85/M. Direct Media recommends the file for general merchandise, gift, music, video, sports, travel, book and publication offers.

ALC Offers Hobby Database

American List Counsel, Princeton, NJ, introduced the Hobby Megafile from Kalmbach Publishing Co.

It consists of more than 609,000 subscribers to Kalmbach's hobby publications such as Astronomy, Bead & Button, Birder's World, Classic Toy Trains, Classic Trains, Dollhouse Miniatures, FineScale Modeler, Garden Railways, Greenberg's Train Shows, Model Railroader, Scale Auto, Trains and The Writer.

Selects on the Kalmbach Hobby Megafile include geography, recency, gender, household income, age, presence of children, age of children, marital status and paid subscribers as well as lifestyle selects. The file is 60 percent male with an average age of 51 and an average household income of $67,000.

The base price is $85/M. ALC recommends the file for craft and hobby-related offers in addition to fundraising appeals and catalogs.

EPostDirect Gets Educator E-Mail Masterfile

EPostDirect, the e-mail division of direct marketing list firm Edith Roman Associates Inc., Pearl River, NY, announced its management of the Quality Education Data Educator E-Mail Masterfile of more than 389,700 teachers, principals and administrators at e-mail address.

QED, a division of Scholastic Inc., is a research and database company for the education market. This opt-in e-mail file is selectable by job function, enrollment by grade, school enrollment, innovative programs, total school computers, college-bound percentage and geography. The base price is $200/M.

List Services Snares Archaeology File

List Services Corp., Bethel, CT, recently gained list management of the Archaeology Magazine Subscribers file of more than 189,600 active subscribers.

The file is 52 percent female with a median age of 56 and a median income of $70,200. The average subscription price paid is $21.95 for six issues. Selects include geography, recency, source and American Institute of Archaeology members.

The base price is $100/M. List Services recommends these subscribers as prospects for many high-ticket offers as well as publishing, continuity, art, museum, fundraising, financial services and technology offers.

ALC-NY Grabs Cycling Catalog List

ALC of New York LLC took management of the Performance Bicycle Catalog list of 323,000 last-24-month buyers.

These buyers have an average age of 39 and an average household income of $85,000-plus. Geography, recency and Internet buyers are selectable along with product selects such as women's apparel, men's apparel and accessories.

The base price is $95/M. Users of this list include apparel catalogs, publishers, fundraisers and general merchandise marketers.

Mokrynski Takes Home Decor List

Mokrynski & Associates Inc., Hackensack, NJ, took management of the Touch of Class catalog list of 285,000 last-12-month buyers of bed linens, wall coverings, window treatments, bath accessories and other home decor items.

The file is 95 percent female with a $145 average unit of sale. Buyers have an average age of 45-plus and an average household income of $75,000. Selections include geography, recency, dollar, multi-buyers and product type. Z-24 enhancements are available.

Mokrynski recommends the file for offers such as gift, home decor, apparel, fundraising, collectibles, general merchandise, publishing and food.

MeritDirect Manages Health Professionals

MeritDirect, Stamford, CT, is managing the Lodestone Solutions list of more than 700,000 medical professionals.

Lodestone Solutions provides data to medical claims processing and physician-referral companies. The file includes more than 574,300 physicians and more than 168,700 allied healthcare professionals. It is selectable by more than 85 specialty categories and 450 specialties, title, gender, geography and prescription authority.

The base price is $80/M. This list is recommended for direct mail offers including conferences, business services, manufacturing, book, magazine, video, seminars, pharmaceutical, medical and workshops.

Statlistics Will Open Chicago Office

Statlistics Inc., Danbury, CT, will open a Chicago office by the end of September, the company said.

The office will be run by Locki deUrrutia, who joined Statlistics in late August when Alan Drey Co. closed. Statlistics also hired former Alan Drey president Pat Patten as vice president of its Ventura, CA, office. He is joined by Samantha Allen and Kathleen Joslin as account managers.

Rubin Response Gets Gamers File

Rubin Response Management Services Inc., Schaumburg, IL, is managing the Gama Network Opt-In E-Mail Address List from CMP Media LLC.

The file has more than 13,900 opt-in e-mail addresses for technical professionals involved in making electronic games. They are subscribers to Game Developer magazine and members of the Web site

U.S. and international e-mail addresses are selectable on the file. The base price is $400/M.

Worldata Offers Tech Files

Worldata/WebConnect, Boca Raton, FL, debuted seven new lists from the Association of Computing Machinery.

ACM members are computer professionals who spend $99 annually to join and pay separately for additional trade journals such as $49 for netWorker, $30 for Computing Surveys and $49 for the Journal of the ACM.

Communications Systems Designers contains 18,870 IT professionals; Computer Professionals Masterfile contains 56,801 IT professionals; Computer Security Masterfile contains 16,586 IT professionals; Digital Media Professionals contains 21,930 IT professionals; Groupware Masterfile contains 28,474 IT professionals; Object Technology Masterfile contains 8,000 IT professionals and Software Engineers Masterfile contains 13,189 IT professionals.

All of the files have base prices of $150/M.

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