List Briefs Update

* Acxiom/Direct Media, Greenwich, CT, has brought to market the 494,000-name buyers/inquirers list, the 43,000-name Pets Part of the Family subscriber list from Rodale Press and two new SOHO lists from Ziff-Davis: the 233,389-name ZD Journals Soho master file and the 139,965-name Ziff-Davis Home Offices list.

* A.H. Direct Marketing, Marina del Ray, CA, has assumed management of the 40,447-name Beverly Hills Studio seminar attendees list. Attendees are direct mail responders to show business tryouts.

* Conrad Direct Inc. and Merkle Direct Marketing have brought to market the 8.7-million-name HealthSource database of health responders from Merkle’s 176-million-name DataSource consumer database.

* Dunhill International List Co., Boca Raton, FL, has brought to market a 4.53-million-name Vacationers database of high-end pleasure travelers, a 5.5-million-name Millionaires at Home database and a 552,000-name Manufacturers database, a 52,480-name Firms With Benefits Programs list, a 16,146-name Law Firms Senior Management list, a 11,740-name Portfolio Managers list and a 7,737-name State Politicians list.

* Edith Roman Associates, Pearl River, NY, has assumed management of the CareerTrack file, which includes nine lists of 24-month educational buyers and seminar attendees totaling over 4 million names. The file includes a 1.18 million-name U.S. master file, a 942,000-name business executives list and a 757,000-name women’s master file.

* The Lake Group, Rye, NY, has assumed management of the 324,712-name Saveur Magazine subscriber file and brought to market the 750,000-name mXg Moxie Girl magalog subscriber/buyer/inquiry file.

* Leon Henry, Scarsdale, NY, is celebrating its 44th year of operation by expanding its office space at 455 Central Ave. The larger space will accommodate the LH Management division of the alternative media firm.

* Mal Dunn Associates, Croton Falls, NY, has assumed management of the 200,00-name TSI Soccer and the 4,108-name Trinida Cigar Emporio catalog buyer lists. It has brought to market the 679,495-name Designer Check Teen Source buyer list and the 1.7-million-name Clark Photo Enhanced masterfile.

* Mokyrnski & Associates, Hackensack, NJ, has brought to market the 52,602-name Abercrombie & Fitch Quarterly subscriber list and the 11,422-name French Country Living catalog buyers lists. It has assumed management of the 6,848-name Gravity Games Snowboarding and the 4,985-name Gravity Games Inline Skating catalog buyers lists.

* Novus Marketing, Valhalla, NY, has assumed management of the 343,000-name Garden Design Magazine subscriber list.

* PCS Mailing Lists, Peabody, MA, has brought to market the 29,409-name Corporate Counsel list of attorneys. The list is compiled from directories, association membership and other public sources.

* RMI Direct Marketing, Danbury, CT, has brought to market the 5-million-name Foster & Gallagher Corporate Database that includes buyer lists from 17 catalogs overlaid with demographic and pyschographic from Metromail’s InSource database. RMI also has launched a 55,000-name Senior Donors file.

* Walter Karl, Pearl River, NY, has assumed management of the 37,000-name Short Sizes and the 12,000-name PGA Tour catalog buyers lists and six lists from the Music Marketing Network totaling 750,000 12-month buyers.

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