List Briefs: Millard Offers Unlimited Use on Publishing File

Millard Group Inc., Peterborough, NH, announced the availability of the Creative Classroom file for unlimited use.

Creative Classroom was a bimonthly publication that targeted teachers of kindergarten through sixth grade and covered teaching ideas, educational trends, product information and student activities. It ceased publication in April 2003.

The file has 211,297 subscriber names, and the cost for unlimited use is $300/M. The list is selectable by home address, business address, gender, source and geography.

Subscribers are 100 percent direct mail sold, 94 percent female and have an average age of 39, average income of $56,300 and paid $19.97 for a yearly subscription.

Walter Karl Gets Fundraising List

Walter Karl Inc., Pearl River, NY, a division of Donnelley Marketing and infoUSA, was appointed list manager for the Clinton Presidential Library donor file of 76,700 contributors.

These 100 percent direct mail donors gave an average of $35 to build a library and museum honoring President Clinton. Selects on the file include recency, geography, gender and dollar. Base price is $90/M.

Walter Karl suggests this list for offers such as fundraising, magazines, books, education/self-improvement, music, museums, the arts and other cultural offers.

Rubin Response Wins Magazine File

Rubin Response Management Services Inc., Schaumburg, IL, was awarded list management of the Apparel Magazine file of 18,000 active qualified subscribers.

Apparel Magazine is a business-to-business publication for the apparel industry from Edgell Communications Inc. It targets apparel and retail decision makers and focuses on business and technology issues. The file is selectable by geography, job function, job title, business/industry and product. Base price is $150/M.

Also available are 12,990 Latin American subscribers to sister publication La Bobina.

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