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List Briefs: MeritDirect Wins TechTarget Lists

MeritDirect, White Plains, NY, will assume list management for the TechTarget postal and e-mail lists effective May 16.

TechTarget offers Web sites, magazines, e-newsletters and events for information technology professionals and executives. Its files include:

· TechTarget Postal Master File: 555,442 names, $240/M base rate.

· TechTarget E-mail Master File: 288,124 names, $400/M base rate.

· TechTarget Canadian Master File: 48,876 names, $175/M base rate.

· TechTarget International Postal Master File: 296,495 names, $275/M base rate.

· TechTarget International E-mail Master File: 95,959 names, $400/M base rate.

· Information Security Postal File: 51,094 names, $240/M base rate.

· Information Security E-mail File: 31,080 names, $400/M base rate.

· Storage Magazine Postal File: 50,120 names, $240/M base rate.

· Storage Magazine E-mail File: 32,546 names, $400/M base rate.

· IT Panel E-mail File: 81,287 names, $500/M base rate.

· Security Wire Digest eNewsletter E-mail File: 44,968 names, $400/M base rate.

Selections on these files include gender, industry, interest, job title, budget, employee size, purchasing influence, operating system, scope of involvement, computers/hardware on site, Web site and geography.

Direct Media Gets Credit, Retail Files

Direct Media Inc., Greenwich, CT, was named list manager for the Performance Plus credit and retail compilation files.

The Performance Plus Consumer Master File offers 12.7 million consumers who completed their first transaction on their new bank or retail credit card.

The file is selectable by geography, recency, age, income, presence/gender/age of children, mail-order buyer, lifestyle, religion, ethnicity, language data and card type.

Also available are 15 segment files such as affluent households, African-Americans, Catholics, change of address, qualified mortgage holders, seniors and young families.

The pricing on Performance Plus files starts at $65/M base for commercial mailers and $45/M base for fundraising mailers.

Good customer match models are available as well as PerformanceSelect predictive behavioral scores powered by Alliant Cooperative Data Solutions LLC, Brewster, NY.

MetaResponse Forms Database Division, Business Database

MetaResponse Group, Deerfield Beach, FL, formed a new database division called MetaBase and launched the MetaBase Business Master File to complement its consumer file offerings.

This master file offers 26 million business executives compiled from Internet, direct mail, telephone surveys and corporate records. The file is selectable by geography, recency, gender, sales volume, number of employees, job function, SIC, ethnicity and telephone number. The base price is $85/M.

Nine new additional MetaBase business-to-business files include:

· Corporate Cashflow with 151,270 chief financial officers.

· Executive Suite with 4.6 million top management executives.

· Human Resources Suite with 88,737 HR executives.

· IT Master File with 492,348 IT executives.

· Marketing Suite with 273,953 marketing professionals.

· Corporate Purchasing Agents with 73,589 purchasing agents.

· Brick and Mortar Retail File with 745,168 retail executives.

· Sales Suite with 313,031 sales professionals.

· Business Services with 1.1 million executives at services firms.

ALC Snares Rodale Publishing Lists

American List Counsel, Princeton, NJ, assumed list management duties for the Rodale publishing files.

The Rodale files consist of 9 million names of consumers who subscribe to its magazines and buy its book titles.

Rodale's nine magazine data properties are Backpacker, Best Life, Bicycling/Mountain Bike, Men's Health, Organic Gardening, Organic Style, Prevention, Runner's World and Women's Health. Its direct-to-consumer book titles include “Rodale's Home Garden Solutions,” “Doctor's Book of Food Remedies,” “The Sugar Solution” and “Lance Armstrong; It's Not About the Bike.”

Extensive modeling options will remain available on the Rodale files through ALC.

Worldata Offers G+J Files

Worldata, Boca Raton, FL, took over list management for the Gruner + Jahr USA Magazines’ Inc. and FastCompany on June 1.

The Inc. magazine list has over 435,600 subscribers to this publication targeted at CEOs and entrepreneurs. It has a base price of $125/M.

The FastCompany magazine file offers over 614,700 subscribers to this how-to publication for businesspeople. The base price is $150/M.

Both lists are selectable by gender, age, geography, home address, business address and income.

Data cards are available at www.worldata.com/datacard.

ALC of New York Offers Petals File

ALC of New York LLC was appointed list manager for the Petals mailing list of over 93,400 last-12-month catalog buyers.

Petals buyers purchase silk flowers and accessories. They are 89 percent female, have a median age of 50 and an average household income over $75,000. The average order on the file is $115.

The Petals list is selectable by recency, geography, gender and dollar. The base price is $110/M.

ALC of New York recommends this file for offers such as general merchandise, home décor, gifts, collectibles, apparel, epicurean, fundraisers, credit cards and others.

Mokrynskidirect Introduces Hollister Retail List

Mokrynskidirect, Hackensack, NJ, was awarded management of the newly available Hollister Retail file.

Hollister operates 260 U.S. retail stores targeted to ages 14-18. It offers apparel such as jeans, surf shorts, swimwear, polos and Ts geared toward a California beach aesthetic.

The file has 1.2 million last-12-month retail store buyers. It also has 178,800 Internet buyers from www.hollisterco.com.

Selections on the file include recency, geography, gender and dollar. The base price is $100/M. The file is 66 percent female with an average order of $75.

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