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List Briefs: Leon Henry Debuts AutoSport Blow-ins

Leon Henry Inc., Hartsdale, NY, was selected program manager for the new-to-market AutoSport catalog blow-in program through its LH Management Division.

AutoSport buyers are mainly male, ages 35-64 with an average unit of sale of $115. They purchase driving-related gifts and gadgets for cars. The program offers 5.7 million blow-in opportunities annually with a price of $35/M.

Media Horizons Wins Infomercial PIP

Media Horizons Management, Norwalk, CT, was appointed program manager of the GoodTimes Entertainment package insert program.

These are buyers of products from infomercials including fitness, weight loss, skin care, vitamins, housewares and inspirational. GoodTimes Entertainment buyers have an age range of 36-64, average household income of $35,000 and most are married with children. The program offers 1.2 million annual packages at a cost of $55/M.

List Services Offers firstSTREET

List Services Corp., Bethel, CT, announced its management of the firstSTREET package insert program.

The firstSTREET catalog offers high-tech and lifestyle items such as home, garden, fitness, travel and personal-care products. Buyers are 52 percent male with an average age range of 45-65, median household income of $50,000-plus and an average sale of $120. The program reaches 405,000 package recipients annually and costs $65/M.

Direct Media Lands Hydroderm PIP

Direct Media Inc., Greenwich, CT, was named insert media manager for the Hydroderm package insert program.

Hydroderm LLC offers health and wellness products such as anti-aging creams, facial cleansers, lip enhancers and wrinkle reducers. Its buyers are 85 percent female with an average age range of 35-55 and an average unit of sale of $59.95. The program consists of 2 million annual packages and costs $60/M.

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