List Briefs: Direct Media Gains HR Professionals List

Direct Media Inc., Greenwich, CT, announced its management of the Society for Human Resource Management file of 165,000 names.

The file consists of human resource management professionals who are members of the society and paid subscribers to HR Magazine. Regular selects on the list include geography, recency and gender. Additional selections are age, job function, company size and title.

Direct Media recommends the file for business and consumer offers such as apparel, gift, newsletters, food and general merchandise. The base price on the file is $110 per thousand.

Edith Roman Offers DeSantis Blow-In Program

Edith Roman Associates, Pearl River, NY, has been appointed manager of the DeSantis Collection catalog blow-in program.

The program is available for the first time for the fall/holiday 2002 mailing season. The circulation will be 375,000 at $30/M. DeSantis customers are predominantly male with an age range of 45-60 and income in excess of $100,000 a year. The average order on the file is $175, and the file is 100 percent direct mail generated.

Edith Roman recommends this program for offers related to high-ticket publishing, upscale gifts and collectibles, gourmet food and wine, travel, jewelry, book and music clubs, financial and fundraising.

Estee Appointed Edmund Scientific Manager

Estee Marketing Group Inc., New Rochelle, NY, was named list manger for the Edmund Scientific Catalog Buyers file of more than 57,000 last 12-month buyers.

The file is 65 percent male with an average order of $100. Selects include geography, gender, recency and dollar. Internet buyers at postal address are also available.

The base price for this list is $100/M. Estee recommends the file for a range of family and home-related offers.

L.I.S.T. Represents Internet Domain Owner File

L.I.S.T. Inc., Lake Success, NY, was named list manager of the Netvention Internet Domain Owners file of more than 959,000 contacts.

The list is made up of management-level executives at firms with an Internet presence. The contacts are harvested from the Web with Netvention Extractor, a technology developed by the firm to gather data online.

Selectable data on the file includes geography, job title, department, Web domain type, Web server type, Web server operating system, Web technology used and hosting type.

The file is available for direct mail and telemarketing. The base prices are $130/M for direct mail, $180/M for telemarketing and $310/M for both.

Craftworks Renamed Craftworks Home & Garden

Craftworks magazine is changing its look and name this month to Craftworks Home & Garden, and the file name also has changed, List Services Corp., Bethel, CT, has announced.

Craftworks Home & Garden is published by All American Crafts. The file has 35,000 active subscribers, and 97 percent are female. The age range on the list is 30-59.

The basic subscription rate is $24.97 for 10 issues, and the base price on the file is $90/M. LSC recommends the file for offers regarding home, garden, continuity, general merchandise and family.

MeritDirect Adds Element K Journals

MeritDirect, Stamford, CT, was awarded list management of the Element K Journals postal subscriber files.

Element K Journals are publications dedicated to technology and information products with print and digital editions covering a number of topics.

The master files include: Element K Journals Technology, 728,900 names; Element K Journals Mac Users, 182,000 names; Element K Journals Business/Personal Computer, 437,000 names; Element K Journals IT Professionals, 437,000 names; Element K Journals SOHO, 384,000 names; Element K Journals Graphic & Design, 219,000 names; Element K Journals Programming/Web Development, 201,000 names; and Element K Journals Canadian Technology, 36,000 names.

The files are 60 percent male, and base prices on all lists are $175/M. Selects include geography, recency, gender, journal title, telephone number and renewals.

Mokrynski Takes Over Surf, Skate Catalog File

Mokrynski & Associates Inc., Hackensack, NJ, has assumed management of the Swell catalog file of more than 83,000 last 12-month buyers of surf and skate apparel and gear.

The file is made up of young men and women ages 8 to 24. The average order is $80.

Selects on the file include geography, recency, gender and product selects such as skate or surf. The base price is $110/M.

Mokrynski recommends this list for a variety of offers such as apparel, gift, home dŽcor, fashion accessories, publishing and fundraising.

Names & Addresses Digs Into Gardening File

Names & Addresses Inc., Wheeling, IL, has been named list manager for the Texas Gardener magazine file of more than 33,000 active subscribers.

The file is 54 percent male with an average age of over 45. The unit of sale is $18 per subscription. Geography is selectable. The base price on the file is $90/M, and it is 100 percent direct mail sold.

Names & Addresses recommends the file for garden, book, magazine, cooking, health, housewares and other offers.

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